These policies may be confusing, so please use this to get a general idea of the rates.  If you have any questions, please contact Laura Rose (Studio (preferred method)   

Text: 919-614-9029 with any questions or concerns.

Reminder that TDS is not responsible for anything lost, stolen or left items in the space. Please take all your belongings when you leave the location.

Aerials or risky gymnastics of any kind are not allowed in the studios.

The studio floors are expensive to replace, therefore, stilettos and Taps on shoes need to have protective caps – in order to preserve the dance floor.

Studio minimum rental is 1 hour. Pricing is per hour, but can accommodate 30 minutes increments after the first hour.

  • This means if you want to rent for 20 minutes, you will be charged 1 hour studio time.
  • If you would like 1 hour and 20 minutes, you will be charged 1.5 hours of studio time.

Residential Neighborhood Concerns      

Reminder that these studios are in a residential neighborhood; therefore, please keep noise and music to a reasonable level. This means, no excessively loud music after 10pm

This is also a no smoking/no alcohol establishment.

Music Level     

In order to make sure the music/sound levels do not disturb the neighbors, please use the free “Sound Meter” phone app to monitor your music levels to under 75 dbs. (and under 60 dbs. after 10pm).

Security System   

Although TDS is not responsible for any lost, stolen or left property in the space, a video security system has been installed in all studios for dancers and community safety.  It will also be utilized to verify class size.

Non-Refundable Deposits

Due to a high number of “no-shows”, we now require a deposit to reserve studio space for workshop, parties or special events.

·         The non-refundable deposit for weekend, workshop, parties or special events is $100.

·         This non-refundable deposit goes toward the rental rate.


Party/Special Events Rates

Please notify us if you plan to bring in any food or beverages into the studios. There is a cleaning fee associated with any food or beverages that you bring into the studios.

Parties:  Dance Parties, Birthday, Showers, Anniversaries, etc

  • $75/hour studio rental (per room)
  • $75 clean-up fees per room (We mop all floors after any parties with food or drink)
  • $100 for table and chairs delivery and setup
  • $100 security deposit which is refundable if room is not left in a mess

Consecutive 3 hour minimum for Party/Special events

Because of Insurance Policy Restrictions, we are unable to accommodate children groups such as:

  • Day Care
  • Summer Camp
  • After School Programs
  • and similar programs

Class/Workshop Rental Rates

Aerials or risky gymnastics of any kind are not allowed in the studios.

Please notify us if you plan to bring in any food or beverages into the studios. There is normally a cleaning fee associated with any food or beverages that you bring into the studios. (Exceptions are chips, pretzels, snacks that don’t have any lingering/stale overnight odor). Just tell us in advance of your plans, and we can discuss.

Monday-Friday evening rental (beginning at 6:00 pm) as well as all-day on the weekends are our premium times. Therefore, requests of 2 or more consecutive hours take precedence.   Payment is required prior to being placed on the calendar.

  • consecutive 2-hour minimum for Studio 4 is                                    $30/hr
  • consecutive 2-hour minimum for Upstairs/Downstairs, Studio 5 is   $35/hr
  • consecutive 2-hour minimum for Back studio is                               $40/hr
If renters do not meet the 2-hour minimum for Monday-Friday evenings, renting is still possible if available – but talk to Laura Rose (Studio Manager)

Private Room Rates

Privates/Practice         1-2 people       $20/hr

Group Rates

Rates for Studios Ending Before 6:00 pm Monday-Friday

Payment is required in advance to even get on the calendar (for non-repeating, infrequent requests).


·         Starting at                   $25/hr

Contact the TDS Manager for more info on daytime pricing


Room Rates for group classes

Payment expected prior to use of space to get on the calendar

Monday-Friday evenings (occurring during* and after 6pm) & Weekends (all day)

*(If the rental crosses into the 6pm hour – it is at the regular space rate. If the rental ends before 6pm on weekdays, it is at the reduced/discounted rate)

 Studio 4 (900 sq ft or 20X45)

  •  => 20 people                      $45/hr. (limit Mon-Thurs of 30 people)
  • =>10 people                        $40/hr.
  • <10 people                        $30/hr.

Upstairs/Downstairs, Studio 5 (1500 sq ft or U/D 45X30, Studio5 30X48)

  • => 40 people                       $60/hr. (limit Mon-Thurs of 50 people)
  • =>25 people                      $50/hr.
  • =>10 people                        $45/hr.
  • <10 people                        $35/hr.

Back Studio (2200 sq ft or 48X50)

  • => 55 people                 $75/hr (limit Mon-Thurs of 70 people)
  •  => 40 people                $65/hr
  •  = >25 people                $55/hr
  • =>10 people                  $50/hr
  • <10 people                  $35/hr

Room Rates for Workshops and Events for extended/several hours

Contact us for special rates for events that are several hours in length.

Monthly payment is due the 1st of each month of use – although we allow a short grace period.

If renters on a monthly pay schedule do not pay by 5th of each month

 Will risk being removed from the next month’s calendar and lose their space

Over-time Usage Policy

Cancellation Policy

Cancelation Policy: Due to studio time becoming busier we need to have a cancellation policy.

Therefore, if you are a regular and frequent weekly renter, you are allowed 3 cancellations per year with at least 24 hours’ notice.

After your three given cancellations (with at least 24 hours notice), you will also be charged $25 per scheduled session. If given enough noticed and we can get the room re-booked, there will be no charge. 

If no notice (less than 24 hrs.) is given, you are responsible for the full reservation payment (this include privates on Weekends and after 6pm Weekday usage). 

Due to the nature of last-minute notifications from students taking privates, there will be no penalty charge for privates scheduled BEFORE 6pm on weekdays. Privates on the weekends and after 6pm on weekdays (the studio prime time usage) will follow the same rules as group class cancelations. You are required at least 24 hours advance notice, or will be charged the full rate of your reservation. As always, notification is required so that the calendar can be updated.

Note: It may be a good idea to share the studio’s cancellation policies with your private students, as a way to easily institute your own student cancellation policies. Share the cost of their cancellation – so that it makes it easier to recoup some of your losses as well.

You will not be charged for any cancellations due to weather related conditions.  If the state or local government shuts down indoor activities, you will not be charged for any cancellations.

If paid through PayPal in advance of usage, and you need to cancel due to weather – you can either use the payment as future credit or receive a full refund.

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